Rainbow Badges. Curiosity Shop

Rainbow Badges Curiosity Shop

Our unique collection of new and vintage badges

Rainbow Badges has grown from a hobby, which started in 1978.
The best thing about family days out in the ’70s was bringing home a badge and pinning it up, adding to the collection on my bedroom curtains! That joy never left!
With great excitement and two years of preparing, my hobby became a business in the summer of 2014.
In the workshop, my badges are made using a combination of customers’ own artwork, ideas and requirements.
My own pin badges are individually hand-pressed. The design is printed on photo paper and protected with a hardwearing clear polyester film.
I produce badges for campaigns, clubs, musicians, organisations, colleges, schools, and museums. Making badges for events and occasionally having a stall at festivals has always been a particular favourite!

The Rainbow Badges Curiosity Shop also features both current topics and historic events. Designs vary from reflecting messages of the past from social history to simple tongue-in-cheek humour designed to get a giggle. In our troubled times, laughter can be medicine. Smiles are free and pleasantly contagious, which partly explains why there are so many smiley face designs in my badge shop! He he 🙂

Take a look at my unique collection of vintage badges from many years of collecting, all needing new homes. This unusual collection of new and vintage badges is constantly growing and they are all for sale! We also have stickers, postcards and iron-on patches in stock 🙂
If you are looking for a particular pin badge we are happy to add your request to our wish list

As a maker, collector and trader of badges, my focus is on sharing ideas, growing the collection, supporting the project and having fun rather than accumulating great wealth!
As a business, my core values are to promote freedom of speech, grassroots people power, human rights, equal rights for the disabled, the protection of the environment and animal rights.
I take a stand against violence, racism, fascism, homophobia, slavery, cruelty, oppressive governments and police brutality.

I hope you enjoy looking at my website 🙂
Please feel free to leave comments or contact me!
Peace and love
Ziggy Norton Xx


£2.39 [International £6.95]

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