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Badgemaking at Clifford Road Tunnels :)

Rainbow Badges is making the event badges at Clifford Road Tunnels this coming Saturday the 8th of April!
You are welcome to come along to visit and support our local heritage experience…it’s going to be an interesting Grand opening day with lots going on! If you have been before there will be some changes and some exciting new discoveries 🙂

The grand re-opening day [Saturday 8th April] is from 11 am until 5 pm…gate opens at 11.00. We are there all day making badges, so drop in at any time!
Lots of people are going in 1940s clothing and there will be dancing and music so be prepared for fun!
Hope to see you there!
Have a fab weekend whatever you’re doing 🙂

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Excited we’re going to the Burston Strike School Rally 2022!

I’m definitely not the only one! It seems such a long time since the last rally at Burston.
With things almost back to normal (whatever that is!), I’m sure it’s going to be a very busy day!

For a change, I will be bringing my 38mm workbench, as I’ll have the use of a friend’s van. Work on wooden skids for the bench has already begun. Some rather solid recycled pitch pine is ready to be cut and fitted in the workshop, maybe this will be good for other events if I do a good job of it 🙂

On the edge of all badges made at the rally will be printed the text “Made in Burston”.
The badge artwork will be printed over the border in Ipswich, but the event badges will be pressed at the rally, so I hope that counts. It’s fun anyway and that’s always important for my stall 🙂
What a view from my main workbench I will have! Just close enough to hear the guest speakers and Attila the Stockbroker (wow!), but not so near that “clunk… clunk… clunk” drowns out the awesome brass band!
So excited!!
Maybe see you there 🙂
Ziggy Xx

…some of our previous Burston Strike Rally event badges below

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“ere ya go ba”

That’s something you might expect to hear whilst being passed a beer in a Suffolk pub.
Like all areas of the British Isles, this region of East Anglia has a strong and unique accent among the locals.
Some of the Suffolk sayings are rather fun and I thought they’d make interesting badges!
All finished pressing the badges now… must be beer O’clock!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Cheers! x

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Our first event of the year 2022

If you’re in East Anglia this Saturday

12th of March 2022

Here is a nice family event to check out 🙂

Spring Gathering 2022

Rainbow Badges are having a BADGE ART Open Workshop for a bit of spring fun!

Really excited to prepare for our first event for over two years! Our old peddle-powered badge stall is currently having a small repair and will be going to the event.

We are taking our 75mm badge press and lots of art materials to turn your artwork into badges, fridge magnets, or cool pocket mirrors!

Lots of good food and vintage and traditional fair games to keep kids away from screens 🙂
Lots of cool stuff for adults too.

I hope my workshop won’t be too near the archery practice… He he
The open mic sounds fun! Looking forward to that 🙂
Hope to see you there!

Peace and Love Xx
Rainbow Badges 🙂

… and here is how it went 🙂

The workshop had a slow start and I drank a much-needed cup of tea after setting up.
There were so many interesting things going on as the village hall started to fill up with people.
Just as I was going to have a quick look at the other stalls and games outside our workshop was filled with eager artists!
The art and the conversations in the workshop were a real treat after being confined to our workshop for so long recently. We had an absolutely fantastic day!
A big thank you to everyone who attended the Badge art workshop and to Joinavision for another totally enjoyable event!

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First design of 2022! – Anglo Saxon Beast

A design inspired by Anglo Saxon brooches discovered in East Anglia.
The backwards facing animal has three claws and a beak-like mouth, surrounded by 28 beads, much like those found.
It’s been both exciting and interesting to recreate this fabulous ancient brooch.
The story of this amazing beast has been lost in time, but the artwork lives on!

Anglo Saxon Beast


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Warning: H.M.Government can damage your health

Rainbow Badges has re-made this vintage badge

The original vintage badge (origin unknown)

We love the subtle subvertising of a government warning on this fabulous vintage pin badge.
It arrived at our workshop a few weeks ago amongst an interesting collection of vintage pins, mostly from the USA.
It seems the simple but effective design was inspired by a government health warning added to cigarette packaging.

The cool badge is on its way to a new owner and we decided to remake it as we will miss seeing it in our collection!