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Excited we’re going to the Burston Strike School Rally 2022!

I’m definitely not the only one! It seems such a long time since the last rally at Burston.
With things almost back to normal (whatever that is!), I’m sure it’s going to be a very busy day!

For a change, I will be bringing my 38mm workbench, as I’ll have the use of a friend’s van. Work on wooden skids for the bench has already begun. Some rather solid recycled pitch pine is ready to be cut and fitted in the workshop, maybe this will be good for other events if I do a good job of it πŸ™‚

On the edge of all badges made at the rally will be printed the text “Made in Burston”.
The badge artwork will be printed over the border in Ipswich, but the event badges will be pressed at the rally, so I hope that counts. It’s fun anyway and that’s always important for my stall πŸ™‚
What a view from my main workbench I will have! Just close enough to hear the guest speakers and Attila the Stockbroker (wow!), but not so near that “clunk… clunk… clunk” drowns out the awesome brass band!
So excited!!
Maybe see you there πŸ™‚
Ziggy Xx

…some of our previous Burston Strike Rally event badges below

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  1. That is really cool & a great day out!

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